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Aslan Audio now offers online mixing and mastering.  You can have 'radio-quality' mixes at a fraction of the cost of commercial studio mixing.  We have the tools and expertise to take your amatuer or professionally recorded tracks and make them tight and punchy, aggressive and loud, or sprawling and ethereal ... but no matter what, we'll make them compelling.  We have mixed for many major label artists and hundreds of regional and local acts.  Check out our work to hear what we have to offer.  Basic prices are as follows:


  • $250 per song w/no vocal tuning
  • $300 per song w/vocal tuning 
  • $100 for '2-track' hip-hop mixes (pre-mixed music)
  • $150 for '2-track' hip-hop mixes w/vocal tuning
  • Discounts offered for mutiple mixes (albums, EP's, mixtapes, etc)


Although we always suggest you take your project to a professional mastering engineer (and we have a number of great ones we can refer), we will send you, upon completion of the mix, a high-res 24-bit unmastered wav file as well as a loud 16-bit mastered wav file.  Some artists choose to use our masters as their final product.

The process is simple - once your tracks are recorded and edited you can send us either the consolidated wav files or ProTools session (.ptf file along with 'audio' and 'fade' folders) through online services like Dropbox or Hightail.  If you're sending very large sessions (high-sample rate or longer songs) you can always drop the files on a flash drive and snail mail it to us.  If any of this seems daunting, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you through the process.

Once you have the first mix, listen on a number of playback devices (home-stereo, car, earbuds, etc), make notes on the revisions you'd like, and send them along to us.  We'll revise the mix accordingly and send it back to you.  Once we've landed on the perfect mix, we'll send the hi-res mixes to your prefered mastering engineer or - if you choose to use our masters - we'll send all the files to you.

A few considerations/tips:


  • Reference songs are always helpful.  Give us examples of songs by popular recording artists as a sonic reference to your track.  (eg "I like the drum sound on Nirvana's 'Nevermind')
  • Send us the rough mix.  You may have aspects of the rough mix you like - specific delays, relative levels, etc.  This will help us get to the sound you want.
  • Vocal considerations - we are masters of the best tuning software and acheive that pitch-perfect sound you hear on the radio.  That being said - certain genres don't require the shiny perfection heard in pop music.  Which leads to:
  • Let talk - we like to know the ambitions and goals the artist has.  Seeking radio play or a label deal?  Do you want a slick produced sound or something more natural and raw?  This is important for us to know as it can dictate the direction of the mix.  Give us a call before we start to chat about your intentions as an artist.